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  • Do I need a specific device to install and run the Paradox Operating System?

    Paradox will work on a broad range of devices running x86 based processor architectures. This includes laptops, desktops, tablets, thin-clients, Industrial devices (HMIs) etc. However, as with linux-based operating systems, we cannot guarantee support for everything, as specialist drivers may be required for some hardware.

    If you have a particular device you are targeting, contact for advice.

    If you are deploying Paradox on bootable USB memory sticks to use across an arbitrary range of devices, as business continuity for example, your planning should consider the likely age and diversity of hardware.

  • What ‘Cloud’ dependencies does Paradox have?

    Paradox was designed for organisations moving to the Cloud, but ironically has no Cloud Dependencies. All management technology may be hosted on premise, and Paradox used for accessing locally hosted VDI or Web Applications.

  • What is the difference between the various Paradox products?

    The Paradox family of Products all use the same Paradox Operating system, designed for secure Cloud Access.

    A version of Paradox exists that is used within government sensitive environments referred to as Paradox SE. The main difference is that there are fewer configuration options with Paradox SE. For example Paradox SE mandates the use of two factor authentication, and requires organisations host Certificate Authorities for code signing.

    Paradox Edge is a managed service, allowing customers to leverage a Public Cloud Management platform hosted by Becrypt and partners.

    Paradox Link includes Federated Device Identity management, allow collaborating organisations such as supply chain, to trust 3rd party devices.

  • Does Paradox require a permanent network connection?

    Paradox has been designed primarily for access to on-line applications and services, whether private or public cloud. Typically user data is not stored locally. Access to online applications, such as O365 may be temporarily lost without issue, but server connection needs to be re-established to save or update data.

    There are always exceptions, and we have customers that specifically run offline applications with local data, but its best to check your use case with Becrypt support if it diverges from Secure Cloud Access.

  • Do I run Paradox in Windows?

    No. Paradox typically replaces Windows, and provides an Operating System tailored specifically for secure access to Cloud or online applications.

  • What Applications can I install?

    Paradox uses the Becrypt Enterprise Manager platform to allow authorised applications to be deployed and patched. These typically include standard third-party VPN and VDI clients, but may be extended to certain Office Productivity applications where offline applications are needed.

    Windows Applications do not run natively on a Paradox client, but are delivered when used as either Virtualized or Web Applications.

  • Do I need to run Anti-Virus (AV) software?

    Guidance from organisations such as the UK National Cyber Security Centre stresses the importance of protecting against malware. The Paradox security architecture was designed in collaboration with UK government and includes a number of mitigations against the risks of malware, including application whitelisting, cryptographic verification of ALL installed software, read-only system partition and privilege escalation prevention. Most customers regard these measures as sufficient, and significantly more robust than signature-based AV products. However, an AV solution may be installed if required.

  • ​Can I customise Paradox?

    You most certainly can. The look and feel of the Paradox Desktop is highly customisable. The Wallpaper, Panel height, colour and opacity is configurable. The SysTray Icons can be hidden individually and the clock format changed. Even the Start Menu Icon can be replaced. All of the Application Launchers are completely customisable from their Icon, Name and position on the Menu or Panel. Applications can have pre-set policy configuration files set centrally that can control the behaviour of the apps and there is even a Custom Homepage utility.

    For more details, or to discuss advanced system and app customisation options, please contact the Becrypt team.

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Current Versions

Product Current Version
Advanced Port Control 2.0.0
Becrypt Enterprise Manager 5.5.5
Connect Protect 5.2.2
Disk Protect Standard & CPA 9.1.6
Disk Protect Baseline 3.4.13
Disk Protect Enhanced 4.1.3
mShare 1.4.0
iOS MDM 7.3.0
Product Current Version
Paradox SE 2.2.2
Paradox 2.0.2
Media Client Standard 2.0.1
Media Client Baseline 2.0.0
Trusted Client 5.1.0
tVolution 5.1.7
tVolution Mini (Server)
tVolution Mini (Client) 1.2.1

Product end-of-life Dates

Product End of Life Date
Disk Protect Standard & CPA
• All versions prior to V 8.0 31 March 2015
• All versions prior to V 8.5 30 September 2016
• All versions prior to V 8.6 30 September 2017
• All versions prior to V 8.7 30 September 2018
Disk Protect Baseline
• Version 3.3 30 September 2014
• All versions prior to V 3.4.13 30 September 2015
• Version 3.4.13 31 March 2019
Disk Protect Enhanced
• All versions prior to V 4.1.0 30 September 2015
• Version 4.1.0 30 September 2016
• Version 4.1.1 30 September 2017
• Version 4.1.2 30 September 2019
Connect Protect
• All versions prior to V 5.0.0 30 September 2014
• All versions prior to V 5.1.0 30 September 2015
• All versions prior to V 5.1.4 30 September 2016
• All versions prior to V 5.2.0 31 March 2017
• All versions prior to V 1.3 31 March 2016
• All versions prior to V 1.4 31 March 2017
Product End of Life Date
Advanced Port Control
• All versions prior to V 1.0.5 30 September 2013
• Version 1.0.5 30 September 2014
• Version 2.0.0 30 September 2019
Becrypt Enterprise Manager
• All versions prior to V 4.3 30 September 2014
• All versions prior to V 4.5 30 September 2015
• All versions prior to V 4.8 30 September 2016
• All versions prior to V 5.1.0 30 September 2017
• All versions prior to V 5.5 30 September 2018
Trusted Client / tVolution
• All versions prior to V 5.0 30 September 2015
• Version 5.0 31 March 2016
• Version 5.1 31 March 2017
Media Client Standard
• All versions prior to V 2.0.1 30 September 2013
• Version 2.0.1 30 September 2016
Media Client Baseline
• All versions prior to V 2.0.0 30 September 2013
• Version 2.0.0 31 March 2019
• All versions prior to V 2.4 30 September 2016
• All versions prior to V 2.5 31 March 2017
• Version 2.5 30 September 2017

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