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Becrypt is an agile London-based UK SME with 20 years cyber security expertise. We provide High Assurance cyber security products and services. 

Using government-accredited security platforms and standards, we help our customers safely and rapidly deploy mobile endpoint and cloud technologies, driving greater business flexibility, agility and productivity.

We supply governments and critical national infrastructure organisations with a range of security solutions and services – from funded research, to commercially available products and flexible managed services.

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Our Mission

As a trusted partner for government, we continue to deliver innovative high assurance products and services – protecting public and private sector organisations from elevated cyber threat.

We specialise in providing security teams a better night’s sleep, ensuring users have more time to do their work with a greater user experience, while minimising the cost and complexity of cyber risk management. 

We are committed to continually improving customer satisfaction, and product and service quality. Our formal quality policy can be found here.

Our Vision

High assurance products and services protect our customers’ most sensitive information – completely.

Adopting emerging technology, be that cloud, mobile or IoT, is about enabling business value and improving user experience. Technology should be designed to be secure by default, simplifying informed risk management. 


Our Values

Customer Satisfaction – Understand and prioritise customer needs, seek solutions and deliver value in a timely fashion.

Delivery – Take pride in innovation and ownership for the quality and delivery of commitments.

Teamwork – Work collaboratively, communicate effectively and promote knowledge sharing

Respect – Consider everyone on an individual basis, and promote due regard for others whilst encouraging communication and trust

Spirit – Passionate, committed and positively embraces challenge and change

These values collectively shape the company’s culture, guide decision-making and influence how employees interact with customers, colleagues and partners.  They contribute to creating a strong, customer-centric and high-performing company.

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