Next Gen Cross Domain - raising the bar for network protection.

Discover how API-centric cross domain solutions support assured connectivity between secure and high-risk networks.

Complete confidence in cyber risk mitigation - how would that feel?

Discover what High Assurance solutions can deliver beyond standard commercial technology.

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What we do

we strive to help organisations protect their most sensitive information completely


Products and architectures developed in collaboration with UK Government, protecting endpoint and mobile devices from elevated cyber threat.


Cross Domain applications that enable the safe sharing of sensitive or high-threat information between environments or organisations


Sovereign and Private Cloud Services to simplify security management and provide hosted secure collaboration environments

Endpoint security

ultra secure endpoints

High Assurance Solutions for Desktops, Laptops and Thin Clients.

Paradox Secure Operating System

From government secret desktops, to supply chain security...
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cross domain technology

Connecting trust domains

Secure connectivity between sensitive, classified and un-trusted environments

APP-XD CDS Gateway

Dynamic API Gateway, Controlled Data Sharing Across Trust Boundaries, Document Validation and more...
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secure mobile

Advanced mobile solutions

Device Management and Communications platforms for government and critical national infrastructure.

MDM+ and Secure Comms

CDS (Cross Domain Solution) comapatible MDM solutions and secure messaging.
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Cloud services

Sovereign Cloud

Secure Collaborative Working Environments for CNI organisations, and flexible managed Device as a Service (DaaS).

Paradox edge Becrypt cloud-s

Simplify Endpoint management through Paradox Edge DaaS. Secure partner and supply chain collaboration with Cloud-S
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