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When considering the use of mobile devices in secure environments, the primary concern for government has been that commercial MDM (Mobile Device Management) platforms must live in high-risk network segments by design (e.g. the DMZ).

If an MDM platform is compromised an attacker has the “keys to the kingdom”, can geo-locate users, unlock phones, and install malicious apps that execute invisible to the user.

A solution was required to enable the MDM platform to live on the high side of the network, benefiting from the more robust security mechanisms provided by High Assurance gateways.

Becrypt have worked closely with UK Government to support the enhanced security characteristics of Government’s Advanced Mobile Solutions programme (AMS). AMS architectures address advanced threats to mobile platforms, providing the level of protection required for mobile adoption within sensitive environments across the critical national infrastructure.

MDM+ is an MDM platform that reduces the risks and complexities of mobile platforms for high-risk environments.

Unique Cross Domain Solution compatibility allows high-side MDM+ hosting.

MDM+ is deployed with a range of High Assurance applications to support mobile communication and collaboration requirements.

Key features:

Who are secure mobile capabilities for?

MDM+ and compatible High Assurance applications are used by Government and defence organisations pursuing best practice in deploying mobile technology within high threat environments. MDM+ is used by organisations across the Critical National Infrastructure to simplify secure mobile communications.

Sample Applications

Enabling secure voice for communities requiring classified communications. MDM+ is compatible with a range of secure voice, video and messaging applications, including MIKEY-SAKKE and Double Ratchet (e.g. Matrix) based systems. 


MDM+ works with 3rd Party High Assurance applications supporting secure email for classified mobile environments with enterprise email integration.

Additionally, Becrypt’s se-mail platform developed with UK Government provides end to end encryption and mail content validation across CDS Gateways for defined communities working at classified.

Download our se-mail flyer here.

Becrypt’s se-docs application developed with UK Government allows high-side release of SharePoint content across a compatible Cross Domain Gateway to managed mobile devices, with government-reviewed device encryption.

Download the se-docs flyer here.

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