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NCSC Board Toolkit – a user’s review.

A brief review of NCSC’s Board Toolkit from a user’s perspective.

NCSC’s Toolkit aims to help develop relevant expertise and enable the right conversations within organisations, offering a brief introduction to cyber, then signposting where more information can be found.

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APP-XD Cross Domain Solution

Becrypt launch Cross Domain Solution

Becrypt announce APP-XD, a new High Assurance Cross Domain Solution (CDS) that enables the secure connectivity of services across high-threat networks using standard APIs (Application Programming Interface). APP-XD offers a new way for organisations across the critical national infrastructure to protect their most critical services, whilst driving infrastructure modernisation.

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High Assurance principles and benefits

The need for greater flexibility and agility is increasing the use of High Assurance technology across government, as is the need for more robust security across the critical national infrastructure. But what is High Assurance?

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