Becrypt launch Cross Domain Solution

Innovation combines API Gateways and High Assurance CDS

Becrypt announce the launch of  APP-XD, a new High Assurance Cross Domain Solution (CDS) that enables the secure connectivity of services across high-threat networks using standard APIs (Application Programming Interface).  Developed in collaboration with UK Government, APP-XD offers a new way for organisations across the critical national infrastructure to protect their most critical services, whilst driving infrastructure modernisation.

“Historically, protecting high-threat networks with cross domain solutions has entailed significant cost and complexity, given the one-way file-transfer model on which CDS technology has traditionally been built” says Bernard Parsons, CEO at Becrypt. “APP-XD brings modern development and DevOp practices to the world of CDS, enabling flexibility and agility for High Assurance network architectures.”

Features and benefits of APP-XD include.

  • Allows controlled connection to critical network services from less-trusted environments;
  • Hardware-based (HardSec) validation of network traffic; and,
  • Hardware-based encryption for messaging and application protection.


APP-XD will be available from September 23.

For more information on APP-XD, access


API Centric Cross Domain – Next Generation for CDS Solutions?

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