CyberUK Spotlight – Innovation in Cross Domain

Becrypt CEO Dr. Bernard Parsons will be speaking on the spotlight stage this year at NCSC’s flagship event CyberUK.

Invited to present on the topic of Innovation in Cross Domain Solutions (CDS), Bernard will highlight how NCSC’s own initiatives, such as the ‘Democratization of CDS’ have stimulated a vibrant UK ecosystem of CDS manufacturers and developers.

Speaking at CyberUK

Cross Domain Solutions are becoming increasingly relevant to organisations that face elevated cyber threats. On the one hand, our adversaries are becoming more sophisticated, numerous and determined, while on the other hand, there’s an increasing need to share information and systems across networks and trust domains, including the adoption of cloud.

As commercial grade technology can not be relied upon to protect against the more sophisticated attacks , CDS solutions typically adopt assured hardware components  that are not susceptible to  common vulnerabilities.

As a pioneer of CDS thinking, NCSC took the decision to both develop and share principles and best practice for CDS, stimulating a vibrant CDS ecosystem within the UK that is today protecting networks across the critical national infrastructure.

If you’re at CyberUK ’24, you can find out more at the spotlight stage  at 12.50 on 14th May. 

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