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The Secure Endpoint

Paradox is an easy to use yet highly resilient endpoint platform that guarantees endpoint devices remain free from commodity malware and provides strong protection against elevated threats and targeted cyber-attacks. Paradox is easy to deploy and its unique measured software execution ensures that no applications or system components have been tampered with.

For many organisations an increasingly large number of users are primarily consuming cloud or online services, with their devices becoming little more than a platform to launch a browser. Yet the combination of feature-laden operating systems and third party client applications presents a level of software complexity that remains the target of compromise for the majority of cyber-attacks.

Paradox dramatically simplifies the endpoint environment, providing an intuitive browser-based user experience, delivering cost savings with unrivaled enterprise security.

About Paradox:

Paradox is the only solution that guarantees that devices start in a known healthy state, and remain free of commodity malware, through a combination of secure boot and measured execution based on cryptographic checks of both system and authorised applications.

Defence in depth security

A light-weight linux-based OS ensures reduced attack surface. Health measurement of all executing firmware and software with read-only system partition prevents commodity malware and ransomeware infection.

Simplified Management

Application and system patch management is automated and transparent to the user. Automated vulnerability management reduces complexity and cost of ownership.

Enhanced user experience

Fast system boot and application launch ensures rapid user access to services provided through a user-friendly browser based environment.

Diverse Hardware Support

Supports diverse hardware platforms including: desktops, laptops, thin-clients and even portable thumb drives.

The growth of ransomware has been driven by the devastating impact criminals can achieve, using cryptography to render an organisation’s information inaccessible. If data is appropriately encrypted, and you don’t have access to the encryption key, then you don’t get access to the data. The nature of correctly implemented cryptography is typically this black and white - unlike many of the tools used for cyber defence.

Paradox uses the strong properties of cryptography with device health measurements to reliably protect against ransomware. Using a hardware root of trust, Paradox cryptographically validates the health of all endpoint software every time a device is started, ensuring no ransomware is present, and rolling back to a know good state if any malware is detected.

Join this month's webinar for an in depth explanation of an endpoint security architecture that guarantees device health, and is deployed across the critical national infrastructure for secure access to cloud services.

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