Swanning about in Cyber Security – Values & Benefits

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The Value & Benefits episode of the Proving the Negative (PTNPod): Swanning About in Cyber Security


A look at how exactly cutting edge research is done, and drawn into the wider UK ecosystem in support of the National Cyber Strategy (to be confident, capable and resilient).

Guest list: Chris Ensor is a Deputy Director of the National Cyber Security Centre, Dr Bernard Parsons MBE CEO Becrypt, Dr Harmonie Toros Deputy Director of the Institute of Cyber Security for Society (iCSS) at the University of Kent, Furrah Hussain is Programme Manager for the Research Institute in Trustworthy Inter-connected Cyber-Physical Systems (RITICS) at Imperial College London, Dr Fabio Pierazzi Lecturer in Computer Science at Kings College London, John W5 NCSC Sociotechnical Security Group, Awais Rashid Professor of Cyber Security University of Bristol, Andrew Martin Professor of Systems Security at the University of Oxford, Professor Steve Schneider Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security at the University of Surrey, Andrew Hood is a Lecturer in Cyber Security at Cardiff University, Matthew Boakes is a PhD candidate at the University of Kent, Marios Samanis, Maria Sameen and Priyanka Badva are PhD candidates at the University of Bristol.

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