Paradox simplifies endpoint management while meeting the most demanding security requirements.

As a security-focused operating system for desktops, thin-clients and kiosks, Paradox ensures that devices remain in a known healthy state, free of malware. Paradox uses a hardware root of trust to support a chain of software measurements that guarantees application and system components are valid and authorized to run.

Easy to deploy and easy to use in enterprise environments, whether re-purposing existing IT, or supporting new desktop or kiosk deployments.

Measured execution ensures all software components are valid: from firmware, through system files, 3rd party drivers and applications.

Paradox Data SheetParadox is not susceptible to the vulnerabilities associated with traditional application white-listing, extending the concept of secure boot technology to the entire software stack.

Among the many software platforms available for endpoint management, Paradox is the only solution that guarantees devices are in a known healthy state each time they start - free of malware.

Through a combination of secure boot and measured execution, based on cryptographic checks of both system and authorized applications, organisations are assured that devices running the Paradox operating system are in a known healthy state, free of malware, every time a device is started.

Designed and accredited in collaboration with UK Government

Paradox was developed with UK Government, starting life as the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) 'CloudClient' project, aimed at promoting secure collaboration. Today it is deployed across a diverse range of public and private sector organisations. From providing robust protection of 'high-assurance' environments, to providing a simple route for organisations to adopt public cloud services.

As organisations have an increasing number of “cloud native” user populations, end user devices are becoming little more than a platform to launch a browser. Yet the combination of feature-laden operating systems and client applications results in software complexity that ensures end user devices remain the target of compromise for most cyber-attacks.

Enter Paradox. The security focused operating system for cloud access that incorporates a ‘secure by design’ architecture.

Paradox can also be consumed as a 'device as a service' with a cloud-based management infrastructure through our Paradox Edge offering..