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Paradox Edge

Device As A Service (DaaS)

Paradox Edge DaaS

Paradox Edge is a complete Managed Device as a Service offering (DaaS), that helps smooth those organizational bumps and barriers to technology change - helping IT Services do more for less. Based on the UK Government accredited Paradox endpoint software, Paradox Edge DaaS provides unrivaled security, yet reduces the cost of ownership to a fraction of traditional endpoints.

Paradox Certified Laptop + Endpoint Security + Managed Service

  • Reduce time to deploy endpoints from months to days
  • Remove endpoint patching costs and headaches
  • Avoid user blue screens and down-time
  • Reduce help desk calls
  • Avoid service risk
  • Reduce costs

Paradox Edge supports: Desktops, Laptops, Thin-clients, Tablets and even USBs.

Paradox Edge DaaS can provide:

Paradox Certified Hardware

A range of end user devices optimised for cloud services, with hardware specifications that allow significant cost savings over standard corporate laptops, with costs spread over service lifetime. From laptops, to all-in-one desktops to low-cost bootable devices, selecting the appropriate form-factor ensures business needs can be met with usability, cost and resilience.

Greater Flexibility

Able to support agile start-ups, through to enterprise environments, our use-cases range from workplace mobility, to kiosks deployments and from office productivity to bespoke business apps. Consuming devices, management services and security all as a service, reduces in-house resourcing to support an Ultra-Thin and Agile IT Strategy.

​Reduced Costs

Paradox Edge removes the need for third party software such as anti-virus, IDS, personal firewalls. Cloud-hosted, automated and transparent patch and application management simplifies service and help desk delivery, minimising your service costs. You can choose from Paradox certified hardware, or even re-purpose old hardware because Paradox Edge is device agnostic.

​Enhanced Security

The Paradox secure light-weight operating system presents an intuitive browser-based environment on laptops, thin-clients and a range of endpoint devices, and enables complete peace of mind that you have the highest levels of endpoint device security. Designed in collaboration with NCSC, Paradox uniquely guarantees no malware or ransomware can persist on endpoints as a bridge to gain a foothold into your infrastructure.

Secure Device as a Service

Light-weight by design, Paradox provides major security benefits and significant cost savings by removing the need for the latest high specification laptop to run the latest full desktop environment. Organizations can choose from lower cost devices to re-purposed legacy hardware or even deploy to USB sticks for secure use of home PCs.

Paradox can be rapidly and cost effectively deployed using a ‘Device as a Service’ (DaaS) model, including supply, support and life-cycle management.

DaaS has gained popularity over recent years, delivering on the promise of allowing organizations to focus their precious IT resource on core business activities. Access our Secure DaaS webinar recording here.

Dell Business Laptop Bundle

Our latest bundled laptop offer for secure cloud access provides an excellent user experience, with government-accredited security from just £20 per month for a 3 year service.

Gain the flexibility and control you need to build on the cloud with confidence

AWS puts security at the heart of everything to help you fully realize the promise of the cloud. Custom-built for the cloud, AWS infrastructure meets the most stringent security requirements in the world and provides 24x7 monitoring to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

The combination of AWS and Becrypt security controls allows the adoption of a Zero Trust Architecture as part of cloud migration. Device identity and health measurements combine with existing user access control, to ensure the scale, flexibility and cost benefits of cloud are delivered with increased organizational cyber resilience.

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"Using Becrypt, we are able to provision new users within 5 minutes, previously this would have taken us days. We can also adhere to stringent government security requirements while saving over 20% on our desktop management costs."

East West Railway Company

"The NCSC provenance of Paradox gave us confidence in its security. Consuming a Device as a Service, allows us to support our transformation agenda with our team focused on our core business. "

UK Central Government Customer, HMG

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