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Paradox Edge


Paradox Edge

Paradox Edge is an end-user device platform optimised for accessing cloud services, enables organisations to extend the value of cloud adoption across the enterprise. Based on Becrypt’s flagship product, Paradox, the secure Linux-based operating system, Paradox Edge is a managed service that allows you to focus on your business and day-to-day operations.

Paradox Edge can support: Desktops, Laptops, Thin-clients, Tablets and even USBs.

Paradox Edge Will Provide:

Simplify Management

Organisations simply select a preferred cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure or private), deploy the cloud client devices, and manage users through an intuitive web management console. Organisations have the opportunity to select a range of comprehensive support options from Becrypt or our certified partners, providing end-to-end cloud-to-device expert support.

Greater Flexibility

Able to support agile start-ups, through to enterprise environments, our use-cases range from workplace mobility, to kiosks deployments and from office productivity to bespoke business apps.

​Reduce Costs

The integrated ‘cloud client’ model in the Paradox Edge platform removes the need for third party software such as anti-virus, IDS, personal firewalls. You can also use new or re-purpose old hardware because Paradox Edge is device agnostic. This reduces costs and complexity and simplifies any automated patch management.

​Enhance Security

This security focused operating system incorporates a ‘secure by design’ architecture, ensuring devices remain in a known healthy state, free of malware. Service architecture is designed for both security and privacy, allowing organisations to remain in control of both applications and data.

"The HMG Cloud Client™ is a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) project that seeks to develop standards to enable safe use and sharing of end user devices by users from multiple organisations, using standards-based remote attestation. Key features include a TPM-based measured boot process, and a non-persistent approach to avoid sensitive data being written to storage. Cloud Client is based on open source technologies and utilises Paradox."

A customer project - HMG Cloud Client™

"With Paradox Edge we are able to provision new users within 5 minutes, previously this would have taken us days. We can also adhere to stringent government security requirements while saving over 20% on our desktop management costs."

East West Railway Company

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