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Managed Security Operations Centre

Becrypt offer a SOC Service to UK customers, managed by cleared staff and based in Becrypt’s London HQ.

As even open source SIEM platforms can be costly to run when poorly configured, and the appropriate expertise difficult to acquire and retain, we work with public and private sector organisations providing an extensive and cost effective security monitoring service.

  • We reduce thousands of security events into a manageable list of suspected anomalies
  • Detect and track malicious activity over extended periods, helping to uncover persistent threats often missed without proactive monitoring
  • Detect insider threats with advanced capabilities
  • Help to meet regulatory requirements

Consuming Becrypt's SOC service allows organisations to leverage existing expertise and tools to achieve a single view of threats, improving organisational resilience through the ability to respond to external and internal threats.

Early Identification

Early identification and assignment of security incidents

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports showing volumes and trends of security incidents impacting customer estate

Continuous Improvement

Highlight opportunities to improve security posture, to meet regulatory compliance and audits

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring through SIEM (Security Information Event Management)

Our success depends on being adaptable to your relevant business goals, having consideration for your operating environment and working with you to understand priorities in an evolving threat landscape.

Continuous network and cloud monitoring Data manipulation using machine learning models
Network monitoring and cloud monitoring environments on premise, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Data visualization and analysis, statistical correlations, and data pivoting
Monitoring SaaS service environments such as SharePoint and CRM systems Supervised and unsupervised machine learning batch jobs
Monitoring of popular 2FA for potential abuse detection Pre-built ‘recipes’ for most organisations that are ready to activate out of the box
Behavioural heuristic monitoring to monitor for abnormal events Begin threat hunts with your data as soon as its ingested

Download the Managed SOC Datasheet

Download Managed SOC Datasheet

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