Desktop as a Service

Managed Desktop Services

Becrypt's Hosted and Managed IT services make it easy for organisations to fully or partially outsource commodity IT, using standardised desktop and cloud infrastructure aligned to UK government end user device and cloud platform guidance. Hosted services automate software distribution and management, and a self-service web-based management portal provides estate management reporting, allowing organisations to manage costs and scale as needed.

Becrypt offers advisory, design, and architectural services helping organisations accelerate their transition to cloud. Offering user requirements workshops and system architecture and deployment planning support. Simplifying security accreditation through reuse of deployed architectures, and mitigating risks through alignment with security best practices, while optimising business process efficiency

Supporting all major cloud and endpoitn platforms, including our own flagship Paradox end user device platform.

Customers such as East West Railway depend on us for day to day management of commodity IT, leveraging the security and cost savings of a cloud platform for business service delivery.

Security Monitoring

Managed Security Operations Centre

Becrypt offers a Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) Service to support organisations in the proactive identification of threats and to help defend against cyber-attacks resulting from the proliferation of cloud-based applications, the increasing mobility of employees and the evolving nature and of threat. Becrypt’s team of analysts and security consultants assist customers to meet compliance needs and provide advice for improving security posture.The hosted SOC platform is a single point of collation for all security event logs with real-time event monitoring allowing early identification and classification of security incidents. The service provides identification, categorisation, investigation and assignment of security incidents with monthly reporting of volumes and trends of security incidents.

  • Augment in-house expertise and technology.

  • Reduce thousands of security events into a manageable list of anomalies.

  • Detect and track malicious activity over extended periods.

  • Uncover persistent threats missed without proactive monitoring.

  • Detect insider threats. Meet regulatory requirements.

Consuming a SOC service allows organisations to leverage existing expertise and tools, whilst still achieving a single view of threats, thereby improving organisational resilience and the ability to respond to external, as well as monitor internal threats.

Software Engineering services

Platform security specialists

Managed alongside core product development, Becrypt provides bespoke Software Engineering Services. The London-based software development team has over 15 years experience of software project delivery, ranging from large multi-year defence programmes to small agile projects for public and private sector customers.

Focus areas include:

  • Operating system security.
  • Trusted Platforms. Identity Management.
  • Cross Domain Solutions.
  • Hardware Security Extensions.
  • Mobile Device security.

A range of staff security clearances are held, and a government accredited secure facility is maintained.

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