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About Becrypt

About Becrypt

Becrypt is an agile London-based UK SME with almost 20 years cyber security expertise, established through the development and delivery of End User Device platforms. We supply governments and security-conscious commercial organisations, large and small, with a range of security solutions and services - from funded research, to commercially available products and flexible managed services.

Adopting emerging technology, be that cloud, mobile or IoT, is about enabling business value and improving user experience. Technology should be designed to be secure by default, simplifying informed risk management. We leverage relationships with government and the 'High Assurance' communities to develop technologies available for all.

From our heritage in data and device encryption, our solutions span operating system security, mobile device management, secure voice and cross-domain. We turn government and private-sector funded research into commercially available products, and offer managed End User Device and security monitoring services.

From research and development through to managed services; from high-assurance desktops, through to retail kiosks; from the latest smartphone, to custom IoT: our portfolio of solutions and expertise enables the development and adoption of technology for organisations that require robust security, balanced with the usability and performance that business demands.


We work with a number of government departments, including the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) supporting research programmes related to endpoint security, mobility and cross domain.


We maintain a suite of endpoint and mobile security solutions, providing innovative cost-effective commercial products that exploit our unique research programmes, available to both government and private sector customers.


Primarily targeting small and medium sized organisations or business units, we offer a range of services that leverage our cyber security expertise and business agility, including managed end user devices and security monitoring.

Executive Team

Dr. Bernard Parsons MBE

Chief Executive Officer

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John Colwell

Chief Financial Officer

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Gary Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

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As we continue to develop and deliver pioneering cybersecurity solutions to Government and industry and as our business continues to grow, we are always looking for new talent to expand the Becrypt team.


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