Paradox Authentication Service 1.2.0 (build 3)

Release Notes

Product Name: ParadoxAuthService 1.2.0 (Build GA

Valid on: 2024-06-10

– PAS can now protect ADFS
– Supports client certificate authentication with ADFS by forwarding the mTLS connection directly to ADFS
– Since most web sites using ADFS for authentication perform a redirect to ADFS it is necessary to configure your network to direct that traffic to PAS. Whilst this can be done in multiple ways it is envisaged that ADFS will be living on a separate network and PAS will be mapped to the same DNS name on the local network that is specific to the devices. The local network could be a VPN zone or a landing zone for devices.
– Significant changes to PAS configuration tools, See documentation for full explanation of new configuration setup.
– replaces
– nginx.conf changes overwritten each time a new configuration is applied
– Performance controls now available for adjustment

– Optimised nginx.conf for better performance
– Documented how to improve the performance of the nginx server (see enclosed documentation)
– Documented how to use PAS with the VMware Horizon Connection Server

– Initial release of the Paradox Authentication Service
– Please see the accompanying documentation for installation and configuration instructions

Interoperability with other Becrypt Products
– Requires Paradox SE 3.0 or later
– Requires BEM 8.3 or later

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