Requires Paradox 3.0.0 or later

Product Name: paradox-se-manager 2.0.3 (Build GA

Valid on: 2023-04-21

– Fixed a problem where the auto-generated GUID for secure boot had to be cleared before an os update could be re-signed

– Fixed a problem where apps and SLEs couldn’t be re-signed on Paradox 3.2.3
– Added the ability to generate the .auth file for uploading as the db, KEK and PK certificate
– Auto-generated the secure boot GUID
– Made the window scrollable so it can fit on smaller screens

– Explicitly set the working directory to the home directory
– Added an error if paradox is re-signed

– First release of the Paradox SE Manager app
– To be used on existing Paradox machines to verify and re-sign os updates and apps for Paradox SE
– It is strongly encouraged that any signing certificates and private keys are kept on hardware-encrypted USB sticks

Known Limitations
– Due to how the Paradox disk size is related to RAM size, machines with 8GB of RAM will not have enough space to re-sign an uncompressed os update. Compressed updates or machines with more than 8GB RAM should be fine.

Interoperability with other Becrypt Products
Requires Paradox 3.0.0 or later release.

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