Xarchiver 2.0.2 (build 1)

Product Name: xarchiver 2.0.2 (Build GA

Valid on: 2024-03-26

– Rebuilt with renewed code signing certificate

– Rebuilt with renewed code signing certificate
– Fixed an issue where zip files on network shares couldn’t be opened
– Added a config file that lets the admin set the default extraction folder to something more friendly than /tmp/

– Packaged xarchiver_1:
– Updated to work with Paradox 3.0.0 and Paradox SE 3.0.0
– The minOsVersion field has been set to 2.0.0 to facilitate upgrades from older versions without losing settings. This app is not compatible with versions prior to 3.0.0.

Known Issues
Known Issues
– The xarchiverrc config file is also persisted as user settings. If the app is run before the config file is uploaded to BEM then the user’s settings will overwrite the config file.
– It is not possible to launch apps to handle files contained in archives by double-clicking the file. This is due to the security sandboxing applied to the app.
– The built-in help does not work

Interoperability with other Becrypt Products
Requires Paradox 3.0.0 or Paradox SE 3.0.0 or later releases

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