Paradox secure desktop vendor assessment against NCSC Device Security Principles

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have recently added to their collection of guidance with the publication (Beta release) of Device Security Principles for enterprise connected devices.

Having supported the review process, Becrypt have now completed and published an initial compliance assessment for Paradox, Becrypt’s security-focused operating system.


For organisations looking to evaluate software platforms for enterprise connected devices, the compliance report for Paradox can be requested below.

What use are Device Security Principles?

NCSC Device Security Principles help organisations gain confidence that enterprise connected devices are protected against common cyber security threats and risks.

Organisations can use the principles as a framework to assist in the procurement of secure, enterprise-connected devices.

What are Principles?


  1. Provide updates, securely
  2. Support appropriate authentication
  3. Protect data at rest and in transit
  4. Maintain device integrity
  5. Ensure transparency of device health
  6. Permit only trusted software
  7. Minimise the privilege and reach of applications
  8. Constrain the use of all device interfaces
  9. Allow robust device management
  10. Provide security logging, alerting and monitoring capabilities
  11. Enable recovery to a known good state


To find out more about Paradox alignment with the principles, please request the assessment report below.

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