Disk Protect

DISK Protect – Our Standard full disk encryption product that can be used managed or stand alone, and includes media encryption and 2 factor authentication.

DISK Protect CPA – As above, but compelted the NCSC Commercial Product Assurance certification process (mandates 2 factor authentication).

DPE SK -Based on the NCSC Enhanced Grade variant but uses self-keying as opposed to NCSC keys.


To regain access to your laptop, you will need the recovery information generated during product installation. The Becrypt support team can help you through the recovery process.

With our customers increasingly moving to our Paradox Secure Desktop platform, we have schedule EOL for Disk Protect as set out below.

Notice of Change

1st July 2023

The date on which Becrypt announces the End of Maintenance and End of Life dates for DISK Protect.

From this date, only existing DISK Protect customers will be able to purchase additional licences of DISK Protect.

End of Maintenance

31 December 2024

The date on which Technical Support will transition from full support (i.e. product fixes and/or minor enhancements) to limited support (i.e. phone and/or email assistance).

End of Life (EOL)

31 December 2025

The date on which limited phone/email support is no longer available.

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