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High Assurance API-Centric CDS



As the need for interoperability between diverse networks of different trust increases, and the rapid deployment of API enabled services becomes key to gaining operational edge, the demand for API-based high assurance cross domain platforms has grown across government, defence and security.  To support architectures designed for the modern, dynamic and ever changing world, no longer can cross domain solutions be deployed on the expectation that the environment will remain static, and corresponding threats not rapidly evolve.

APP-XD is a High-Assurance Cross Domain Solution (CDS) that was developed in collaboration with UK Government based on the HiTMAN CDS Architecture to provide flexible and cost effective CDS support for secure API integration across separate network trust domains.

CDS platforms benefit from the combination of the use of hardware modules, such as FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), and robust government evaluation processes, to provide a level of assurance and protection that cannot be achieved with commercial products, such as Firewalls, that remain susceptible to software vulnerabilities. However, the ‘Achilles heel’ of CDS architectures to date has typically been the requirement to decrypt CDS traffic in a less trusted network zone, such as a DMZ, rendering such traffic vulnerable to an attacker. The innovative HiTMAN architecture, allows CDS traffic to be safely decrypted within a trusted hardware module, which cannot be accessed or modified by attackers.


Key features:

Who is App-XD for?

App-XD is used by Government and defence organisations pursuing best practice in deploying modern classified networks. App-XD is used by organisations across the Critical National Infrastructure, for secure integration of applications and services across separate trust domains

As a truly generic API based CDS, here are just some of the sample applications of App-XD

APP-XD can be integrated with CDR (Content Deconstruction & Reconstruction) technology to ensure all documents imported into controlled environments are in a known good format – free of malware or harmful content. 


App-XD can be deployed to provide High Assurance protection of management platforms for endpoint and mobile devices, removing the need to host MDM and EDM platforms within less trusted DMZ environments.

Securely capturing event or monitoring information from less trusted networks forms a common requirement across classified and sensitive environments.

For ingest only use cases such as Syslog ingest, App-XD can be configured in a unidirectional (diode) mode.

As a generic API centric CDS, APP-XD is being adopted by developers of new API based services across the CNI, ensuring all API messaging is encrypted and validated, and protecting high-side networks.

For many security conscious organisations, employees are required to manage multiple devices to cater for different levels of classification, resluting in challenges for data synchronisation. As an example cross domain application, App-XD enables controlled sharing of limited calendar information between trust domains.

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