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Secure Mobile

Enabling secure mobility in elevated threat environments

Government accredited secure mobile architectures provide greater protection than standard commercial MDM products, protecting against attack by the most capable adversaries.

Reference architectures and corresponding guidance has been developed from detailed risk assessments of commercial mobile architectures performed by government experts.

Secure Mobile architectures mitigate against a successful attack, with:

  • Defense in depth protections to prevent network compromise from a mobile estate;
  • Tools and processes that allow rapid detection of compromise;
  • Technology that allows rapid recovery from attacks.

Becrypt collaborate with an ecosystem of High Assurance suppliers to provide Secure Mobile Solutions with cross-domain compliant MDM Architectures, Secure Applications and Trusted Services.

For an adversary, an MDM Server is typically an organisation's crown jewels. Secure mobile architectures protect an MDM server by ensuring:

  • Communications between devices and MDM are fully inspected for malicious content;
  • An isolation gateway exists between your devices and your MDM;
  • Cryptographic validation of messages from MDM to managed devices to avoid spoofing;
  • Devices only enact MDM commands that have been signed by the MDM;
  • Sensitive data sent by your MDM to devices (such as keys) are encrypted for the device.
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Becrypt and its partner community provide a range of products and services for organizations that need to deploy mobile technology in elevated threat environments, including Secure voice and video, Secure email, Browse down, Instant Messaging and Secure File Browsing.

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