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Secure Thin Clients

Ensuring high-value assets are protected in elevated threat environments

Operating systems and applications will always have vulnerabilities that may be successfully targeted where there is the will and expertise to do so. Organisations that are high-value targets need to protect against an elevated level of threat that standard enterprise environments cannot defend against.

Becrypt have worked with leading Critical National Infrastructure organisations, to enhance endpoint cyber resilience within elevated threat environments using accredited Secure Thin Client technology.

Supporting public or private cloud architectures with multiple trust domains, Becrypt's secure thin client platform Paradox, simplifies device Health Measurement and Device Identity management. Paradox is compatible with cross domain gateways, providing high-confidence in endpoint health, as well as strong isolation from core networks, management platforms and directory services.

The Paradox Thin Client operating system provides unique device health measurement functionality accredited by UK government, providing organisations complete confidence that Thin Clients remain free of compromise. Unlike other Thin Client solutions, Paradox protects against attacks to the Operating System, browser and client applications.

We work with government and private sector organisations, helping them protect services in elevated threat environments, while maintaining the cost and usability benefits of virtualization, web or cloud-based environments.

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Unique security

Measured software execution provides complete confidence in device health

Unique protection

Unlike other solutions, protects from OS, browser and application vulnerabilites

Low cost of ownership

Automates patching of OS and applications transparent to users

Enhanced usability

Rapid system boot, single sign on and modern browser enhances user experience

High Assurance endpoints

Read our latest whitepaper outlining trends in elevated threat environments, captured through engagement across the critical national infrastructure.

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