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Regulatory Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

ICO guidance outlines the principles organizations who control or process the personal data of individuals located within the EU should adhere to in terms of assessing the appropriateness of information they process, how information is stored and protected, and how accountability is governed. With encryption one of only two technologies explicitly referenced within guidance, failing to appropriately ensure confidentiality of personal data can leave compromized organizations facing unavoidable liability.

With Becrypt’s specialist expertize in data protection and encryption, we offer products and services to help organizations quantify risks, mature risk management processes and implement data protection strategies.

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Network Information Systems Directive

The UK Guidance for operators of essential services, published by the National Cyber Security Centre, is captured in the comprehensive outcomes-based Cyber Assessment Framework. The framework describes as “indicators of good practice” the behaviors, processes and controls compliant organizations are likely to demonstrate.

Becrypt have collaborated with the UK Government on a number of projects focused on developing technology platforms that support NIS compliance. Capabilities such as device identity management, content-based attack prevention and management network segregation are provided by Becrypt’s endpoint and device management platforms.

Supply Chain Security

Data Protection and Cyber Security regulations, such as GDPR and NIS, require that data processors and operators of essential services comply with relevant guidelines. However, regulatory responsibilities do not typically end at the corporate boundary. Such regulations require that organizations ensure that relevant third parties, such as their supply chain, implement appropriate controls within their technologies, infrastructure and processes.

With liabilities extending through the supply chain, it becomes increasingly important to validate supplier best practice through product and service assurance. Our independently validated products allow organizations to extend trust to the supply chain. Paradox Link provides an example of where federated device identity management can be used to provide supplier access to sensitive systems, with no technical reduction in corporate IT security.

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Request Paradox Link Data Sheet for an example of NIS aligned security controls and federated device identity.

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