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Increasing Cyber Resilience with Cloud

The increased adoption of cloud technologies provides organizations an opportunity to increase their cyber resilience. The major cloud platform providers such as Amazon and Microsoft, can and do invest orders of magnitude more in cyber security controls and processes than most organizations can afford, given their liabilities should a compromise occur.

The scalability of cloud services combined with ever improving automation at the network and platform layers, enables organizations to undertake substantial cloud-based IT programmes with fewer and more flexible resources than conventional IT.

However, poorly configured or managed cloud services can negate the significant advantages of cloud, highlighting the importance of adherence to established principles for cloud security.

Becrypt’s cloud specialists can be deployed to augment in-house IT resources through flexible and agile project engagements. From design and architecture, through DevOps, to hosting and security monitoring. Becrypt offer a range of capabilities to help organizations safely and successfully adopt cloud technologies.

Our Approach

We use the UK NCSC Cloud security principles as a guiding framework, but engage with customers in an agile and flexible way, augmenting resources where the need is greatest.

We leverage our security background for secure service design.

We work with the major cloud providers with a range of pre-built environments and tools to accelerate service deployment.

Our complimentary technology such as Paradox simplifies secure cloud access for administrators and online user communities.

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