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Paradox Edge


Paradox Edge

Paradox Edge is an end-user device platform optimized for accessing cloud services, enables organizations to extend the value of cloud adoption across the enterprise. Based on Becrypt’s flagship product, Paradox, the secure Linux-based operating system, Paradox Edge is a managed service that allows you to focus on your business and day-to-day operations.

Paradox Edge can support: Desktops, Laptops, Thin-clients, Tablets and even USBs.

Paradox Edge Will Provide:

Simplify Management

Organizations simply select a preferred cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure or private), deploy the cloud client devices, and manage users through an intuitive web management console. Organizations have the opportunity to select a range of comprehensive support options from Becrypt or our certified partners, providing end-to-end cloud-to-device expert support.

Greater Flexibility

Able to support agile start-ups, through to enterprise environments, our use-cases range from workplace mobility, to kiosk deployments and from office productivity to bespoke business apps.

​Reduce Costs

The integrated ‘cloud client’ model in the Paradox Edge platform removes the need for third party software such as anti-virus, IDS, personal firewalls. You can also use new or re-purpose old hardware because Paradox Edge is device agnostic. This reduces costs and complexity and simplifies any automated patch management.

​Enhance Security

This security focused operating system incorporates a ‘secure by design’ architecture, ensuring devices remain in a known healthy state, free of malware. Service architecture is designed for both security and privacy, allowing organizations to remain in control of both applications and data.

Download the Paradox Edge Datasheet

Download the Paradox Edge Datasheet

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