tVolution Mini

The portable secure desktop.

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tVolution Mini

Secure Remote Working from Managed Machines

Providing a secure remote access device for your users can be a time-consuming and expensive challenge. The credit-card sized tVolution Mini allows you to quickly and effectively provision a fully managed, secure and portable workspace for your users, through which they can access virtualised desktops or web-based resources.

It’s a perfect replacement for providing full laptop devices.

Securely Share Information

When sharing data, applications and services with people outside of your organisation, there is always a risk that their endpoints are configured in a sub-optimal or insecure manner, which significantly increases the risks to your shared data or applications. tVolution Mini provides assurance that users are only consuming data from appropriately secured platforms.

Extend IT infrastructures with Full Control

Giving employees their own portable workstation allows organisations to expand their workplace beyond traditional boundaries. It adds a further dimension to the concept of simple hot-desking, by allowing staff to share offices and infrastructures with other divisions or aligned partners.

Whether it's contractors working on customer sites or police officers sharing public offices, tVolution Mini enables a level of flexibility that can transform working practices.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Imagine having a device so compact and lightweight that each and every employee can have one stored in their desk at home just in case they are not able to reach their normal office environment. Severe weather conditions, public transport disruption and medical appointments may be infrequent, but they are having an increasing impact on attendances at work. For a relatively small outlay, tVolution Mini can provide organisations peace of mind in knowing that their users can still remain productive, should one of these unexpected events occur.

Not only does tVolution Mini provide a means to cope with short term disruptive effects for individuals, it also provides a disaster recovery option for more widespread emergency situations.

The Most Energy Efficient Thin Client Solution

Having a green workspace is a recurrent theme in today’s energy-consumption conscious world. Requiring less than 5 Watts of power, tVolution Mini is an exceptionally low power consuming device that can help your organisation to reduce power usage by a significant margin, while still retaining full functionality for users.