A hardware independent Thin Client software platform.

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What is tVolution ?

tVolution is a locked down, customisable Linux operating system that is easy to deploy on desktops, laptops, netbooks or thin client devices. It provides built-in security (encryption, firewall, application and peripheral control) removing the need for additional 3rd party security packages and significantly reducing management costs. tVolution can either be used as a traditional thin client solution on corporate premises, or deployed for staff to work remotely with a secure connection to a VPN.

End User Device Security Guidance

For UK Government organisations, tVolution can be configured for remote access to OFFICIAL (Tier 1) systems and enables access to OFFICIAL email, documents and intranet resources and the internet. It also fulfills the Code of Connection (CoCo) requirements that only managed devices are used to remotely access the Public Services Network (PSN).

To read the formal security guidance, please follow this link to Becrypt tVolution.

Use Managed Devices for Secure Remote Working

tVolution is designed to meet the most stringent security standards, providing numerous layers of protection including secure boot, device encryption, inbuilt firewall, application control and peripheral device control. Client devices running tVolution are centrally managed with remote zero-touch provisioning options, push notifications, patching and detailed auditing and reporting.