Cyber Security Services

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Cyber Security Services

Engineering Services

Becrypt are specialists in system-level security engineering, from operating system kernel-mode development to embedded systems, with the ability to leverage an extensive portfolio of cyber related IPR, established over more than a decade. Example services have included providing bespoke development for mission-critical components into major programmes within the Defence community, enabling the modernisation of end user devices within deployed environments. Private sector engagements have included tailoring user authentication systems to reduce risk and increase employee flexibility within the Finance sector.

Open Source Security Configuration and Deployment

Becrypt has extensive experience of Open Source operating systems and tools, and provide services that allow organisations to rapidly leverage the increasing benefits of Open Source platforms, without making significant resource investments. From security monitoring tools, to Virtual Client Computing platforms, Becrypt can customise, deploy and manage resilient and cost effective Open Source business systems.

End User Device Manufacturer OEM Support

Becrypt partners with hardware manufactures from Smart Phones and Tablets to Thin Clients and Mini PCs to provide integrity and security of the device software platform. Through OEM support, Becrypt’s engagements range from the simple provision of FIPS 140-2 approved components, through to the delivery of the complete operating system and application environments.

Cyber Security Education and Training

Becrypt regularly runs training programmes for customers and partners covering effective use and deployment of Becrypt’s product range, as well as a range of related topics, from effective Enterprise key management to EUD vulnerability monitoring and remediation.

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