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Secure Thin Clients & Thin PCs

Trusted Thin Clients for Security Conscious Organizations

Paradox Thin Clients

Thin Clients still run software that may be compromised, allowing adversaries to eavesdrop subsequent user sessions, capture credentials, or gain a foothold for lateral movement. They lack the security controls of typical desktop environments, meaning that the impact of a compromise can be both significant and long-lasting.

Becrypt developed Paradox to help organizations that need to proactively minimize the cyber security risks associated with Thin Client environments. Paradox is a highly resilient and secure Linux-based operating system that guarantees that end point devices remain in a healthy state, free from malware and ransomware, resistant to even targeted cyber-attacks. Paradox provides:

Paradox provides:

Assurance that Devices are in a Known Healthy State

Paradox Health Attestation uniquely measure all software components, from early boot components, to operating system and third-party drivers to all installed software applications. This combined with end to end remote attestation ensures that devices are cryptographically verified to be in a known healthy state before user and device access online services.

​Pro-Active Security Management

On premise or cloud hosted management infrastructure for rapid, automated and transparent patch and security management

​Cost Effectiveness

With integrated security, Paradox removes the need for third party software such as anti-virus, IDS, personal firewalls, thereby reducing costs as well as complexity and simplifies device management.

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