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Leveraging the Provenance of DPE to Manage Risk


DPE SK is an un-certified full disk encryption solution that transparently encrypts data on laptops, desktops, tablets and servers, without the need for external key material. Engineered from the same code, by the same people and in the same environment as Disk Protect Enhanced, providing product familiarity and provenance to support today’s evolving risk management requirements.

Disk Protect Enhanced was developed for High Assurance environments within government, military and NATO, where appropriate certification is necessary. DISK Protect Enhanced can only be procured as part of a risk management process in collaboration with NCSC.

Struggling to find an encryption solution for protecting systems above Official?

Since the introduction of the Government Security Classification scheme in 2014, many government organisations and suppliers to government have had to grapple with navigating a path towards finding the most appropriate data-at-rest encryption solutions to operate at the higher levels of data classification. Organisations are encouraged to adopt an informed risk management approach, balancing a range of requirements. Becrypt have compiled a short paper, providing an overview of a number of factors organisations are typically required to consider. For a copy, please complete the contact us form here, requesting the Full Disk Encryption for High Assurance environments paper.

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DPE SK is not a formally approved product, and as such, is not subject to the application processes of government approved variants. Built to enable agility and informed risk management, DPE SK supports the use of evolving hardware platforms at pace.


DPE SK keys are self-generated (AES 256 bit), using the same algorithms as Disk Protect CPA. It utilizes the same code and build environment as Disk Protect Enhanced, ensuring the very best in software encryption.


DPE SK provides full disk encryption, without any disruption to usability. Once the user has logged in to Windows, DPE SK operates transparently, with the ability for standard applications to be used as normal.


DPE SK does not prevent minor updates to Windows 10. However, major operating system upgrades will attempt disk activity that DPE SK has been designed to prevent, such as writing to an un-encrypted partition. Such operating system upgrades may require a system re-build and re-encryption. Please contact Becrypt support for more information

Download the Disk Protect DPE Datasheet

Download Government DPE Datasheet

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