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Full Disk Encryption

Best in class full disk encryption

Disk Protect

Disk Protect is a full disk encryption solution for business, designed to protect data-at-rest held on desktops, laptops, tablets and servers from theft or loss. The solution transparently encrypts device data and uses strong authentication to prevent unauthorised device access. Disk Protect helps organisations reduce risk and simplify compliance. With seamless integration, users can single-sign-on to Windows, with no noticeable impact to performance or usability.

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Becrypt Disk Protect

Becrypt provides disk encryption solutions with product certifications that meet the requirements of the most security conscious organisations, whilst ensuring ease of use and management for businesses large and small. We offer expert and accessible technical support to ensure your ongoing data protection needs are met

The industry’s independently certified full disk encryption software

Disk Protect simplifies data encryption in line with industry and governmental standards. Becrypt offers a variety of disk encryption solutions available specifically for small business, enterprise and government customers

Simplified deployment options for small business

Disk Protect provides the easiest and quickest way for small and medium businesses to meet data compliance requirements and eliminate complexity of endpoint encryption. Through online reporting, Disk Protect users can prove encryption compliance in the event of a breach without relying on complex IT server infrastructure

Extensive certifications for security conscious organisations

Suitable for:

Small Business

Medium Enterprise


Disk Protect will provide:


When combined with Becrypt Enterprise Manager, Disk Protect can be deployed throughout an organisation with little or no disruption to business activities.

Encryption on ​Removable Media

Disk Protect can also encrypt the data on removable media such as Firewire, USB devices, SD cards, other mass storage devices and local disks.


Designed to enable security conscious organisations to deploy their workforce with confidence, the FIPS 140-2 certified software is compatible with a range of devices and operating systems.

Key specifications:

• Automates encryption reporting for regulatory compliance

• FIPS 140-2 certified

• Single sign-on

• Secure hibernation

• Secure wipe for decommissioning

• Removable media protection

• Multiple users per device

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Disk Protect Datasheet

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