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Becrypt Enterprise Manager

Visibility, Control & Proactive Management of Devices & Users

Becrypt Enterprise Manager (BEM)

BEM provides full visibility and control of user activity. It provides fast risk assessments, user friendly views of licenses, a quick view of deployed security products and proactive notifications function.

Suitable for:

Commercial Organisations

Government (Central & Local)

Online & Web Based Platforms


Every user event is logged and reported in the BEM database, for quick auditing, and a full view of end user events and usage. BEM makes it straightforward to comply with data policies set by organisations and industries.

Management & Control

Administrators can remove and control different levels of user access to devices and data. A password policy manager is integrated within user management, and in the event of device loss or theft, administrators can access device management to view encryption status and protect data.

Proactive Approach

A notification is sent to the administrator when a user is consistently having difficulties logging on in a short period, attempting to connect an external device that does not comply with the external plugin policy, or attempting to access files that they are not authorised to access.

"With increasing security and compliance requirements on our business from industry and government legislation, the need to secure our mobile assets became a primary concern. Choosing Becrypt gave us the confidence of a product whose security claims were independently verified by the UK National Cyber Security Centre. Securing mobile assets using enterprise grade encryption and the option of multiple factor authentication was key to our decision making."

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Download the BEM Datasheet

Download the BEM Datasheet

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