Becrypt partners with Cyber1st to bring novel high assurance solutions to market

Becrypt is today announcing a partnership with Cyber1st, specialists in the design and manufacture of pioneering high-assurance products, to jointly bring world-class, high-grade cryptographic solutions to market.

Working together, the two companies are aiming to transform the UK's use of sovereign cyber security solutions, increasing both operational and cost effectiveness for their customers, by enabling greater adoption of new technologies within high-assurance systems.

The partnership will entail both commercial and technical integration between companies for solution delivery and support, resulting in extensive combined commercial reach as well as diverse R&D capability, addressing the needs of government, defence, blue light, and critical infrastructure in the UK and abroad.

The partnership was spearheaded by Becrypt COO Gary Thomas and Cyber1st founder and Technical Director Bob Edge.

Gary Thomas comments, "Cyber1st are leveraging their extensive expertise in hardware development and crypt-key to set new standards for high-assurance products. We are excited about the synergy between companies, both from our ability to support customer engagement, as well as the potential for collaboration to leverage our security software capabilities."

"Partnerships have always been a big part of our strategy, and we see this partnership as a key element of a broader ecosystem of UK SMEs that are actively enhancing the UK's sovereign cyber capabilities."

Bob Edge, comments, "the obvious competences that Becrypt bring to the partnership complement perfectly those of Cyber1st, furthermore, there is an alignment of core values. We have some exciting new developments on the way and combining our technical resources with Becrypt will maximise our ability to bring transformational innovative technology to the market."

About Cyber1st

Cyber1st are a privately owned, sovereign high assurance Crypt-Key OEM developing ground breaking, innovative technology with a focus upon solving specific mobility and reachability capabilities in support of diverse mission requirements.