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What it Means to be an Apprentice at Becrypt

Hello, my name is Sarah and I have been working for the cyber security company, Becrypt, as a Quality Assurance (QA) Apprentice for just over a year and a half. Being granted this opportunity has definitely been one of the determining points in how I have progressed as a person, and in my career since finishing college.

I decided to pursue a career in software testing based on my experiences, during my time at college, when I realised that the testing stage of the development cycle was the section that I most enjoyed, and wished to learn further techniques to improve this skill. Through working at Becrypt I have been able to learn new systems and tools, while also improving my knowledge surrounding cyber security.

I have had the opportunity to become the Project Test lead for one of the projects I have worked on, allowing me the change to write my own test cases and improve my ability to prioritise. This also gave me a chance to improve my teamwork and leadership skills, as I had to learn how to ensure that everyone on the team was aware of what needed to be done and monitor for any blocking factors that arose during testing. Due to the variety of possible causes when encountering a defect, different approaches are required to identify what needs to be fixed. The changing challenges mean that the work remains fulfilling, as there are just as many ways to improve your own knowledge as a result.

This apprenticeship has also allowed me to learn much more about security standards, such as FIPS, and how to ensure a product complies with them. I have enjoyed being able to be a part of the procedure that produces software that helps keep our machines and information safe. The work has been incredibly fulfilling and has allowed me to gain more confidence in myself and my capabilities, to a level which I do not believe I would have gained if I had pursued another avenue of education.

The support provided to me during my time with Becrypt has allowed me to learn much more about both the world of cyber security and testing. The apprenticeship route grants you a lot more freedom in pursuing your interests, as well as giving you valuable real world experiences. It encourages self-management in your studies and helps to improve your confidence in your abilities. I would highly recommend the apprenticeship route.

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