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Remembering a Becrypt Founder

Gordon Parrott

24 December 1946 - 9th September 2020

Most technology start-ups fail. As Becrypt heads towards its 20th year as an independent UK software company, we sadly say good bye to one of our original founders, Gordon Parrott. His passing away this year on the 9th September has evoked many fond and thought provoking memories for those that knew and worked with him at Becrypt. For me, this has included reflecting on his unique talents that helped us to defy those start-up odds, and successfully grow a technology business at difficult times in a difficult market.

Gordon was truly a technology pioneer, combining a depth and breadth of technical expertise to a degree that I have not encountered again. His innovations defied what industry experts had previously thought achievable. But his legacy is beyond his technical contributions. Becrypt continues its progress in large part because of our company culture. Gordon's colorful, sometimes quirky, always patient, always friendly manner has been integral to who we are today. Numerous emails from colleagues over the last week have confirmed the extent to which this is true, recalling his calming presence, enduring smile, and esoteric interests that he would eagerly share.

Gordon will be dearly remembered and missed by many.