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Dell Business Laptop Bundle

Paradox+ minimises the costs of secure remote working by allowing businesses to tailor both laptop hardware and endpoint software for secure cloud access.

When using cloud services to support or grow your organisation's remote working capability, choosing the right hardware and software for endpoint devices can deliver significant cost savings, and simplify cyber risk management. Requirements for computationally intensive business applications can differ significantly from those needed for secure, manageable cloud access.

Our latest bundled laptop offer for secure cloud access provides an excellent user experience, with government-accredited security from just £20 per month for a 3 year service.

Volume discounts available. All offers subject to availability and conditions apply, including minimum order quantities.

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The Paradox Secure Operating System is a light-weight platform for delivering web or browser-based applications such as Office 365, and supports standard VDI and VPN clients. Paradox includes government accredited security, removing the costs and complexity of additional 3rd party software. Automated and transparent patching of all application and operating system components, reduces the burden on in-house IT resources to manage endpoint devices.

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Unique health measurement software ensures that laptops remain in a healthy state through their entire life-cycle, from manufacturer supply to decommissioning - no malware, no ransomware.

The Paradox platform has been Becrypt-certified across a range of Dell Business Laptops, validating a hardware "root of trust" for security enforced functionality.

Becrypt support multiple purchasing options, from a Device as a Service to buying through approved partners, providing a 'one stop shop' for your laptop, software, support, and device life-cycle management. Get in touch today to find out more.

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Get in touch with Becrypt and see if you qualify for a free trial of Paradox+. Subject to availability.

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