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UK NCSC Cyber Aware Behaviors

Sharing NCSC's sound advice, as important now as ever...

1. Separate email password

Your main email is the gateway to all your other accounts. Keep it secure with a password that is different to all your other passwords. Keep it secure. Keep it separate.

2. Three Random Words

Weak passwords can be hacked in seconds. Make yours stronger, longer and more memorable by combining three random words that you can remember.

The dafter the better.

3. Save to browser

Saving your passwords in your browser is safer than re-using the same password for all your accounts.

Save them to secure them.

4. Turn on 2FA

Two factor authentication protects you with a second layer of security that checks it’s really you logging in. Think of it as a double lock for your data.

Be doubly sure.

5. Update your devices

Cyber criminals exploit weaknesses in software and apps to get your information. Updating fixes those weaknesses. Think of update reminders as an alarm telling you to act.

Stay secure. Update regularly.

5. Backup your data

If your phone, tablet or laptop is hacked, you could lose all your personal files including photos and videos. Keep everything secure by backing up.

Back it up, keep it secure.

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