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Reduce Ransomware Risks

Beating crypto with crypto

The growth of ransomware has been driven by the disabling effect of criminals using cryptography to render an organisation’s critical information and infrastructure inaccessible. If data is appropriately encrypted, and you don’t have access to the encryption key, then for all practical purposes, you don’t get access to your data.

The nature of correctly implemented cryptography is typically this binary - unlike many of the tools used for cyber defence. Most forms of cyber defence are, while often still necessary, regularly shown to be fallible: from traditional signature-based and AI-based technical measures, to people and process dependencies. Cryptography is different, based on mathematical proofs with highly predictable outcomes, and can therefore play a very important role in cyber defence for organisations that need to minimise risk and avoid many of the forms of malware compromise common today.

Download our latest white paper discussing how technology developed in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) uses cryptography to validate the health and integrity of endpoint devices – providing organisations protection against a range of ransomware and malware related risks.

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Reducing Ransomware Risks