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High Assurance at the endpoint

Operating systems and applications will always have vulnerabilities that may be successfully targeted where there is the will and the expertise to do so.

Organisations that are high value targets for well-funded organised cyber criminals, such as those within government and the Critical National Infrastructure, face the need to protect against elevated threats and targeted attack, while maintaining competitive advantage through increased adoption of evolving technologies.

Examples of assets that face elevated threats include:

  • Management or administrative endpoints (Privileged Access Workstations);
  • Devices connecting to government classified networks;
  • Devices remotely accessing critical systems;
  • Un-managed endpoints accessing critical systems (e.g. Supply Chain)

  • Within the UK, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has lead a number of initiatives to develop the standards used by the High Assurance products and services that are designed specifically to protect against elevated threats. One area to benefit from this work is endpoint security, where architectures have been defined and deployed across government and the CNI to better protect both endpoint devices and the online services they access.

    Read our latest whitepaper, exploring how emerging High Assurance technologies combine improved threat protection, detection and isolation for defence in depth architectures to support improved organisational cyber resilience.

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    High assurance at the endpoint - secure thin-clients for elevated threat environments.

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