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Supply Chain Cyber Health

Applying Zero Trust principles to supply chain security

If you need to allow third parties access to IT services, you face a multitude of options to confidently control the identity of users. However, it is unlikely that you will have equal confidence in the health of their networks and devices.

Read our whitepaper (linked below) which explores how device identity and health measurements can apply to unmanaged supplier devices.

Knowing the identity of a user, and even the identity of their machine, may do little to mitigate cyber risks if endpoints or networks are themselves compromised. Addressing such risks is ideal territory for Zero Trust architectures, that extend access control beyond user and device identity management to incorporating rigorous system health measurements as part of fine-grained access control to protected services.

The increasing examples of regulatory requirements and guidelines specifically referencing supply chain risk, reflect the frequency with which such attacks occur. Many suppliers are easier prey than the larger organisations they serve, and many represent a significant aggregation of risk across sectors such as Telecoms or Defence.

Becrypt are working with organisations across the critical national infrastructure to help improve supply chain cyber resilience. Request our latest whitepaper below, that describes a supply chain use case, to explore the role of health measurements within Zero Trust architectures for supply chain security.



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Exploring how device identity & health measurements can apply to unmanaged supplier devices

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