About Us

We enable the adoption of new and evolving platforms by effectively managing information security needs.

About Us


Becrypt has a long heritage of providing Enterprise Data Protection solutions and Engineering Services to the most security conscious organisations, innovating to provide the highest levels of product assurance. Today, our Secure Mobile solutions allow diverse platforms to be adopted within the enterprise with confidence. We bring together extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise to offer a market-leading cyber security capability that helps organisations optimize the use of new technologies, whilst minimizing risk and complexity.


Becrypt focuses on the enterprise customer that has a need to prioritise security, meeting customer requirements in industries as diverse as finance, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Our public sector customers range from the defence and intelligence communities to health providers, with a focus across the US, UK and Europe. We are also recognised as a cyber security supplier to the UK government.


Partnership is part of Becrypt's DNA. We maintain a dedicated channel comprised of specialists that truly understand our market as well as our solutions. We work closely with systems integrators to enhance their platform offerings and deliver customer value. We see our technology existing in an evolving ecosystem defined by key technology alliances that give our customers a rich and complete user experience.


Becrypt differentiates its products and services through its focus on meeting the most demanding security standards, and continues to innovate to meet evolving customer needs. Becrypt continues to be the first to bring new technology to market, helping customers leverage the full benefits of mobile technology.