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Securing the Security Operations Centre

An use case for secure access to administrative and management services

According to National Cyber Security Centre "A secure SOC protects itself: a SOC exists to help manage your risks more effectively, which means the SOC itself must be protected adequately. A SOC must have mechanisms, processes and procedures to ensure that it can protect itself against threats comparative to those being faced by its customers. This includes protecting the service itself, and also the data within it.”

The compromise of a security operations infrastructure could have a disabling effect on an organisation’s cyber defences. Where the value to an adversary is high, such as multi tenancy operations centres, so may be the level of sophistication and stealth that adversaries employ.

With many SOC environments based in large part on browser-based access to platforms and tools, the opportunity exists to adopt a simplified and locked-down endpoint and network architecture that can provide a high degree of assurance in the ongoing integrity of the monitoring environment, ensuring separation of duty between doers and viewers, and removing the possibility of event data leaving a defined customer boundary.

Paradox is a secure Linux-based operating system for end user devices, and has allowed Becrypt to provide high assurance endpoints into government and private sector environments that have needed a high degree of protection. The architecture employed ensures that devices remain in a known healthy state, with high-value low-volume security event information, providing high confidence to those who need to watch the watchers.

Find out how Paradox is being used to protect access to SOC services

Download the Paradox SOC use case

Download the Paradox SOC use case

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