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Thin Client Security

Ensuring high-value assets and services are well protected from even targeted attacks.

Attitudes to Thin Client security are often influenced by legacy IT. Today’s emerging threats, and the shift to cloud and virtualization can produce a level of risk inappropriate for an organisation's most sensitive assets.

The importance of deploying strong protection for Thin Client devices is increasing, with the growing use of web-based services to access and manage critical business systems. Organisations can no longer treat Thin Client devices as secure by default for high-risk environments. A compromise to a Thin Client OS, browser or client application, either by direct attack or through lateral movement, could remain permanently undetected.

The Paradox Thin Client operating system provides unique device health measurement functionality accredited by UK government, providing organisations complete confidence that Thin Clients remain free of compromise. Unlike other Thin Client solutions, Paradox protects against attacks to the Operating System, browser and client applications.

We work with government and private sector organisations, helping them protect high-value services, while maintaining the cost and usability benefits of virtualization, web or cloud-based environments

Unique security

Measured software execution provides complete confidence in device health

Unique protection

Unlike other solutions, protects from OS, browser and application vulnerabilites

Low cost of ownership

Automates patching of OS and applications transparent to users

Enhanced usability

Rapid system boot, single sign on and modern browser enhances user experience

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