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Privileged Access Workstations

Ensuring privileged administrative environments are protected in elevated threat environments

A common factor for many cyber incidents, has been the compromise of privileged users, such as Systems Administrators, and their devices. Hardly surprising as they represent the keys to the IT kingdom.

Security controls for access to administrative systems should match the elevated threat they face. Privileged Access Workstations (PAWs) should ideally be locked-down to a known-good state, and only be used for administrative purposes, with no access to email, internet or other less-trusted resources.

Using general purpose operating systems as PAWs can be a complex and costly task. Working with UK Government, Becrypt have developed an endpoint platform specifically designed for secure desktop applications, avoiding commodity attacks, and resistant to the elevated threat that government and the critical national infrastructure are subject to.

Paradox is a security-focused operating system, that resists targeted attacks, using cryptographically-based device health measurements to prove devices remain in a known good state. Designed to support Zero Trust Architectures, Paradox allows device identity management to complement user identity management, simplifying the deployment of robust controls for access to administrative systems. Paradox supports cross domain technologies, allowing defense in depth architectures to provide strong isolation of endpoint environments from administrative systems.


Designed with UK Government for Critical National Infrastructure protection

Not a general purpose platform - inherently secure for elevated threat environments.

Unique Security

Measured software execution provides complete confidence in device health

Unique Protection

Unlike other solutions, protects from OS, browser and application vulnerabilites

Low cost of ownership

Automates patching of OS and applications transparent to users

Enhanced Usability

Rapid system boot, single sign on and modern browser enhances user experience

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Privileged Access Workstations - A Zero Trust Use Case

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