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Supply Chain Security

Simplifying compliance and protecting supplier connections

Managing 3rd party network access

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According to a recent risk report, the misuse of confidential data by third parties was the second biggest security worry among IT professionals.

41% percent said they had third-party-related incidents in the past 24 months.

Cyber security and data protection regulations now almost universally require that organisations ensure their supply chain implements adequate security controls and practices, increasing organisational liability where risk is not adequately managed.

Paradox provides an easy way for supplier organisations to deploy compliant endpoint environments. With unique Device Health and Identity Management functionality, organisations have complete confidence in the identity and health of supplier connected devices.

We work with government and private sector organisations, protecting their supply chain ecosystem without impacting cost and service usability.

Key benefits of Paradox include:

• Accredited platform simplifies compliance
• Measured software execution guarantees device health
• Remote Attestation protocol guarantees device identity
• Supports range of endpoints including Desktops, Laptops, Thin Clients...
• Automated deployment and patch management reduces cost of ownership
• Modern browser-based design, rapid boot and single sign-on enhances usability

Paradox Secure Desktop

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