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Optimizing laptops for cloud access

Cloud has transformed the way we work. As users we consume a diverse range of online services, from office productivity to bespoke business services. As IT owners, we benefit from the significant security capability and resources of the major cloud platform providers, as well as the cost benefits of the cloud model. Increasingly the opportunity exists to adopt browser-based laptops for accessing cloud services.

Browser-based laptops present users with a web interface with integrated identity management, including single sign on. Optimized for cloud access, they provide the benefits of rapid performance with significantly reduced management overhead compared to general-purpose operating systems.

Learn more about Paradox - the secure browser-based operating system for Laptops.

Use Case

To counteract cyber threat associated with overseas travel, many security-conscious organisations avoid the risks of travelling with standard corporate laptops, and instead adopt browser-based devices that are locked-down for controlled internet access with minimal local data footprint. Devices designated for travel ideally should balance meeting the specific security challenges with management and cost considerations, which is why Paradox for Secure Travel Laptops was designed:

Becrypt has worked with a number of organisations, such as leading aviation manufacturers and Banks, to help mitigate the risks to corporate IT when travelling, while at the same time maintaining a remote working and remote access capability.

Download the Paradox Travel Use Case PDF

Download Paradox Travel Use Case PDF

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