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Legacy IT Transformation

Simplifying endpoint software and hardware migration

For many organisations, planning or executing IT refresh programmes is a permanent activity, requiring a careful balance of the timely adoption of new software and hardware platforms, with the need to derive full value from existing assets. However, allowing existing software to run in to obsolescence can introduce significant risks, and ageing hardware can struggle to cope with the demands of operating system upgrades.

As businesses increasingly move to cloud and online services, or use VDI to deliver legacy applications, ignoring an opportunity to migrate the endpoint platform can lead to unnecessary business risk and cost.

For organisations migrating to virtual desktop environments, cloud or web services, Paradox can simplify IT estate migration. Using a secure light-weight operating system and comprehensive management platform, Paradox simplifies management of mixed estates of re-purposed PCs, Laptops and Thin Clients, with unrivalled security and minimal hardware requirements.

Simplify OS Upgrades

Avoid the risks of software obsolescence by migrating to a secure managed endpoint

Extend Device Lifetime

Re-purpose existing devices with a light-weight operating system

Paradox and transforming legacy IT

Find out how Paradox is helping organisations simplify IT refresh programmes

Download "Paradox - Simplifying Legacy IT Transformation"

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