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Flexible Remote Working

Low cost secure remote working

Extending remote working can be an effective way for businesses to increase resilience and support employee flexibility, but cost, time and complexity can be perceived as barriers for already over-stretched IT staff. Enabling employees to work from home while managing costs, may require alternatives to issuing standard corporate laptops. However, most organisations need to avoid the risks of un-trusted devices connecting to the majority of corporate IT services.

Becrypt's Paradox solution is trusted by some of the most demanding organisations within government and the private sector.

Paradox enables employees to work from home securely, avoiding the need for expensive corporate laptops, and avoiding the risks of allowing un-trusted devices to connect to corporate services. Unlike traditional and expensive laptop deployments, Paradox minimises disruption by simplifying and automating device management, allowing for business as usual without compromising security, while employees work from home.

  • Rapidly scale remote working capability to increase employee flexibility.
  • Minimise business disruption with a solution that is easy to deploy and manage.
  • Achieve business as usual for business continuity, retaining service levels and protecting brand.

Light-weight by design, Paradox provides major security benefits and significant cost savings by removing the need for the latest high specification laptop to run the latest full desktop environment. Organisations can choose from lower cost devices to re-purposed legacy hardware or even deploy to USB sticks for secure use of home PCs.

Paradox can be rapidly and cost effectively deployed using a ‘Device as a Service’ (DaaS) model, including supply, support and life-cycle management.

DaaS has gained popularity over recent years, delivering on the promise of allowing organisations to focus their precious IT resource on core business activities.

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Protecting Power Users

For organisations looking to avoid the risks of unsupported or poorly managed endpoint devices accessing sensitive services, Paradox provides a highly-secure, easy to deploy and easy to manage endpoint operating system. Paradox can be rapidly deployed on re-purposed devices, minimising downtime and providing a simple and resilient endpoint that reduces help desk calls and service risk delivering enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Improve security by migrating from unsupported or poorly managed endpoints.
  • Increase security posture for highly sensitive environments.
  • Provides highest level of endpoint protection out of the box.
  • Simplifies compliance through existing government accreditation.
  • Removes the risk of endpoint security breach, protecting organisational assets and reputation.
  • Designed in collaboration with NCSC, Paradox is trusted to protect highly sensitive environments.
  • Unique Device Health measurements – malware cannot go undetected, persist or elevate privileges.

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Secure Desktop on a Stick

Most employees have access to a diverse range of computers outside of their working environment: at home, in partner organisations or shared work spaces. The challenge is often about having sufficient trust in the health of a 3rd party computer to gain access to corporate IT applications and services.

Paradox on a Stick transforms un-trusted laptops and PCs, such as home computers, into secure computing environments, providing a flexible , safe and cost effective remote working solution.

Becrypt’s Paradox is a security-focused operating system and management platform that can be installed directly on laptops or used from a standard bootable USB memory stick. No third-party security products are required to maintain device health, and with automated application and system patching, Paradox provides a complete enterprise solution.

The most cost effective way of rapidly expanding a secure remote access capability

• Temporarily transform an untrusted PC into a secure environment using USB

• Permanently transform new or legacy IT into secure managed thin clients

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