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Business Continuity

Increase business resilience, extend remote working, provide secure access to IT services from home or third-party environments.

Paradox allows organisations to enable employees to work from home securely, avoiding the need for expensive corporate laptops, and avoiding the risks of allowing un-trusted devices to connect to corporate services. Paradox converts home PCs, re-purposed legacy IT or other low-cost endpoints into secure remote access devices. Unlike traditional and expensive laptop deployments, Paradox minimises disruption by simplifying and automating device management, allowing for business as usual without compromising security, while employees work from home.

  • Enable all your employees to work from home securely, while managing costs.
  • Minimise business disruption with a solution that is easy to deploy to rapidly scale remote working.
  • Maintain business as usual, retaining your customers and service levels, protecting your brand and competitive advantage.
  • Avoid the risks of un-trusted devices connecting to the corporate network.
  • Ensure business continuity while maintaining endpoint security.

Our Paradox solution is trusted by some of the most demanding organisations within government and the private sector.

Scale capability at pace

Allows for a rapid deployment of a home working capability that enables employees to do their day to day tasks remotely.

Benefit employees

Provides the flexibility to increase business resilience, enhance employee loyalty and reduce absenteeism.

Simple and Secure

A simple and secure remote access experience, avoiding the risks of home PCs and the costs of corporate laptops.

Increase resilience in days

A cloud-based managed ‘device as a service’ model can accelerate deployment, and minimise ongoing costs.

Remote Working

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Desktop as a Managed Service

Cloud hosted service for rapidly scaling remote working

Paradox Edge

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